iMED Medical Equipment Exhibition

iMED 2nd International Exhibition
Dec 14th17th 2024
10 - 17
Khuzestan International Exhibition Center

iMED International Exhibition

Ahvaz is the eighth most populous city in Iran and the largest and most populous city in the southwest of the country.
In order to contribute to the development and advancement of medicine and health tourism in the region, holding a medical, dental, laboratory, and related equipment exhibition in Ahvaz is important.
In this regard, the organization of such an exhibition is on the agenda of BRP Co. (Barsaz Rooydad Pars Company). The objectives of this exhibition include introducing modern technologies and capabilities of stakeholders and industry players in the field of medical engineering and increasing cooperation opportunities between manufacturers and other companies in Iran with neighboring countries, especially countries bordering the Persian Gulf.

Khuzestan International Exhibition Center

Khuzestan International Exhibition Center, a private joint-stock company, was established on June 8th, 1992) and has been continuously expanding its activities and improving the quality of its services.
The useful covered exhibition space of this exhibition center is 6,000 square meters, including Karun, Persian Gulf, Imam Reza (AS), and Khorramshahr halls.

The 1st iMED International Exhibition Post-show Report

19-22 December 2023


Exhibition space






Visiting countries


Medical equipment

electrocautery, invasive blood pressure (IBP), dialysis, pulse oximeter, electrocardiograph, electrocardiograph (EEG), spirometer, electroencephalogram, ultrasound equipment, radiation medicine equipment, nuclear medicine equipment, hearing meter (audiometer), electrocardiogram, CT scan, muscle nerve tape recording, electrocautery, electroshock, ligature, toscope, laryngoscope, stethoscope, stethoscope, incubator, phototherapy, scale, warmer, ventilator, electroencephalogram device, surgical instruments and specialized surgical equipment, general internal department equipment, dialysis department, Infections department, heart department, CCU department and ICU department, fetal monitoring (fetus finder (Sony Kid)) and ultrasound machine, angiography, mammography, fluoroscopy and CT scan, MRI, radiology, anesthesia machine, sialic light, monitoring, Anesthetic gases, suction device, electrocautery, surgical gun. Operating room clothes, gowns, tourniquets, capnograph, surgical instruments and surgical thread, various papers, surgical gloves, urine bag, bandage and gauze, biopsy needles, plaster bandage, radiology film, syringe, emergence and proof drug, various filters Laboratory, gas masks, disinfectants, medical diagnosis kits, fistula needle, Foley catheter, suture needle, blood injection set, laboratory electrodes and slit lamp-autorefractorkeratometer-hand lensometer-digital lensometer-biometry-pachymetry-AB-scan - Ophthalmoscope, retina sco, perimeter, tonometer, Schiotz tonometer, Contact tonometer, projector chart, Snellen chart, phycovitrectomy, adult and children's glasses form, phico, eye surgery microscope, auto refractometer, optometry box, glasses box

Emergency equipment

Ambulance, emergency trolley, electroshock, pulse oximeter, portable ventilator, general examination set, monitoring, resuscitation bed, immobilizer, nasopharyngeal tube, laryngoscope, ambobag, electrocardiograph, defibrillator, sphygmomanometer, Philadelphia neck splint, Branol, portable ventilator, pulse oximeter

Dental equipment

Dental unit, amalgamator, light cure, Quaitron, dental tools, autoclave. Dental compressors. Central suctions, electric suctions, endo motor, implant motor, intraoral scanner, dental instruments, pack device, apex locator, OPG, mini unit, dental laser device, gutta cutter

Health care and beauty equipment

Hydroderm devices, microderm, fumigation tunnel, pelagen therapy device, aquafacial and hydrofacial devices, super facial, ozonized hot and cold fumigation devices, microneedling device, galvanic hydroderma device, pelagen device, electrolysis device.

Hospital and clinic equipment

Nurse summoning system, home engine (heating) facilities, air conditioning device manufacturer, hospital compressors, medical equipment, electrostatic flooring, hospital doors, industrial laundry equipment, hospital bed and hotel manufacturer, consulting services and engineers, Emergency power, water and sewage treatment system, management and scheduling software, refrigeration equipment, air conditioning, UPVC and generator, safety and security, production of signboards and navigation, construction consultant and executive, hospital clothes, medical devices Hazardous waste, steel equipment and hospital hoteling

Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Ben-Marie, analyzer, film photometer, electrolyte analyzer, centrifuge, cell counter, photometer (spectrometer of blood constituents), autoanalyzer, medical diagnostic laboratory kits.

We are here

The Mashhad city is considered as one of the health tourism centers in the country after Tehran and Shiraz. Exhibition of Mashhad Medical, Dentisty, Laboratory Equipment and Related Industries is one of the specialized and international exhibitions to help the development and progress of medicine and health tourism in the area. The purpose of this exhibition is to introduce modern technologies and capabilities of activists and industrialists in the field of medical engineering in National and International to increase bilateral and multilateral cooperation between manufacturers and other companies in Iran, neighboring countries, Central Asia and the Khlij Fars.

Mashhad Exhibition center is one of the international exhibition complex in the region with about 550,000 square meters exhibition area. The operational area of exhibition building is 250,000 square meters. Covered exhibition space is 30,000 square meters and Open exhibition space is 22,000 square meters. Green space of exhibition center 80,000 square meters. Mashhad Exhibition Center is holding more than 60 International and specialized exhibitions per year. Mashhad Exhibition Center is host of 1 million visitors from around the world per year.


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